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To invite Steve Beren to speak at your event, send an email to or call (206) 931-1854

VIDEO - Steve Beren speech at Seattle Tea Party rally (April 15, 2009)

VIDEO - Steve Beren speech on Liberty (October 10, 2009) [includes "the four most important socialist lies every American should know"] 

A Seattle-based pro-liberty conservative activist, Steve Beren is deeply involved in the Tea Party taxpayer movement in opposition to the Obama administration's far left economic agenda.  For a video of his speech at the April 15, 2009 Seattle Tax Day Tea Party protest rally, CLICK HERE  Steve Beren also attended the historic September 12, 2009 National Taxpayers Tea Party March on Washington, D.C.  


Steve Beren is a speaker, writer, blogger, and activist on the issues of international terrorism, the Iran nuclear threat, and the relationship between politics and morality.  Beren is a political consultant and internet marketing consultant with One Spark Marketing. 

Steve Beren was the keynote luncheon speaker at the October 10, 2009 Statewide Conservative Action Conference (Evergreen Leadership Conference III) held in Bellevue, Washington.  In his speech to the conference, Beren outlined a political strategy for the conservative movement and the Republican Party as we head into the 2010 and 2012 elections.  To view an online video of his speech to the Evergreen Leadership Conference, CLICK HERE

Steve Beren was the 2008 Republican candidate for Congress against far left Democrat incumbent Jim McDermott.  For information about the 2008 Steve Beren for Congress campaign, go to  During his 2008 congressional campaign, Beren opposed the bailouts from the start - CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE 

In the 1960s and 1970s, Beren was a Vietnam antiwar activist and socialist, but since then he has become a patriot, a Christian, and a Republican.   Beren supports our troops and our mission in the U.S.-led war against terrorism.  He has a special insight into the motivations of the current antiwar movement, and the fallacies of their arguments. 

A native of New York City, Beren moved to Seattle in 1987.  As a former antiwar activist, Beren has a unique perspective on the activities of today's radicals and far left extremists.  A former Democrat, Beren came to realize that the Democrats were weak on national security, and considers himself a "9/11 Republican" and a "five star conservative."  He and his wife live in  Seattle, where they are members of Christian Faith Center.  

Beren is a powerful speaker and gifted debater, and has appeared at meetings, conferences, rallies, panel discussions, debates, and on talk shows.

Steve Beren sees border security as a national defense issue, and opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.  In Sepatember 2013, in Wenatchee, Beren debated immigration policy with attorney Dale Foreman, a former Republican state legislator and former Chair of the Washington State Republican Party.  And in May 2008, at a conference in Gig Harbor, Washington, Beren debated immigration policy with Tony Benegas of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. 

In September 2013, in Wenatchee, Washington, Beren debated Dale Foreman on the subject of amnesty for illegal immigration, border security, and so-called "comprehensive immigration  

Beren was the keynote speaker at the March 2011 Cowlitz County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.

In June 2008, in Olympia, Washington, he debated antiwar professor David Hyde before an audience of college students at South Puget Sound Community College. 

Seattle Times editorial writer and libertarian Bruce Ramsey and Steve Beren debated about the war against terrorism at a March 2008 conservative meeting in Bellevue, Washington.

Beren was the 2006 Republican candidate for congress in Washington State's 7th congressional district, debating far left incumbent Jim McDermott three times. 

In October 2006, before an audience of Seattle high school students, Steve Beren represented the Republican Party in a three-way debate with former Washington State Governor Mike Lowry (Democratic Party) and Aaron Dixon of the Green Party. 

Beren was a panelist at the July 2005 Young Republican National Convention in Las Vegas, and was the keynote speaker at the February 2005 Columbia County GOP ( Oregon) Lincoln Day Dinner. 

In April 2003, at a meeting sponsored by the University of Washington Young Democrats, he debated liberal journalist Matt Zemek on the war against terrorism and on the need for regime change in Iraq.  

In March 2003, Steve Beren took on radio talk show host Dave Ross, one-on-one, in an hour of debate on the liberation of Iraq

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, Beren felt he had a responsibility to do what he could (as a private citizen activist) to help win the war against terrorism. In particular, he seeks to bring his message to young people, challenging the leftist political domination of our nation's campuses. 


Support Our Troops!    

Steve Beren is available for media interviews and speaking engagments.  To schedule Steve Beren for a speaking engagement, contact or call (206) 325-6341. 

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