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Steve Beren Speech to Seattle Tax Day

Tea Party Protest (April 15, 2009)

Support Our Troops!    

(for video of this speech, CLICK HERE)

Today, protests are being held in over 800 cities around the nation. The Tea party movement is an ad hoc, grassroots citizens movement. This is a non-partisan movement – we are young and old, men and women, rural and urban. We are a coalition of conservatives, libertarians, and independents; of Democrats and Republicans. We are students and businessmen, retirees and union members, homeowners and veterans. We are taxpayers, we are citizens, we are individuals, we are Americans!

We are demanding, with one loud united voice: Repeal the pork! No more bailouts! Cut taxes! Cut government spending!

We will hold congress accountable, both Democrats and Republicans! We will hold President Obama accountable! What we do here today will make a difference in the 2010 and 2012 elections!

We have no king, we have no emperor, we have no dictator, we have no maximum leader, we have no “messiah”! This is a republic! Read the Federalist Papers, number 63 - in a democracy, in a republic, every two years the citizens can give politicians a “failing grade.” And so far, it looks like Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Arlen Specter, Patty Murray, and Jim McDermott are flunking out.

This nationwide movement is still new, but growing. And some wonder why has this movement grown so quickly and spread so widely? Well - unemployment is growing – government spending is growing – the deficit is growing – economic disruption is growing. Of course this movement – this taxpayer revolt – is growing!

The Tea Party movement against Obama's economic agenda of wasteful spending, rising unemployment, higher taxes, unconstitutional expansion of government, and restrictions on liberty. Obama’s so-called stimulus plan will be disastrous for the American economy – it will lead to extremely higher tax increases, massive deficits, and hyperinflation.

Some in Congress and the Obama administration are already talking about a second stimulus plan sometime later this year. No way! That is outrageous! We are not going to let them do that to America! We are not going to let them trample all over our children’s future!

It is appropriate that we are protesting in Seattle – supposedly a “tough” district. But I don’t look at it that way. My district is the Declaration of Independence! My district is liberty! My district is individual responsibility! My district is the Constitution! My district is the United States of America!

You know, our constitution – the guiding document of this great nation - recognizes our God-given natural rights – free speech, the right to bear arms, and the freedom to worship. The answer to the challenges facing our nation will be found, not in more government bureaucracy, but in reliance on constitutional principles and in a free market economic system based on liberty.

Supporters of the Obama economic policies either ignore the constitution, or they re-interpret and distort its meaning to suit their current agenda. How can we trust government officials who ignore the constitution and twist the meaning of its words? If we can’t trust lawmakers and the president to uphold the words of the constitution – the basis of all American law, how can we trust the words they said yesterday, reading off the teleprompter?

Throughout America’s history, our troops have shed their blood to preserve that constitution, to protect liberty, to secure and advance freedom. We must make sure they did not die in vain. To honor our nation, to honor those who died for our freedom, we must stand up today, defend the constitution, and proclaim liberty.

President Obama says he’ll balance the budget – what hypocrisy! Just my opinion - there are only two budget items he’ll cut – border security, and the military. Just my opinion - mark my words, Obama’s immigration policy will be just as disastrous as his economic policy! And – just my opinion - mark my words, Obama’s military and foreign policy will be just as disastrous as his economic policy!

Today is the emergence of a new, powerful oppositional movement. We have a constitution to defend! We have a nation to save! Today is a start – how about a Two Million Taxpayer March on Washington. D.C.?!!!

Patty Murray and Jim McDermott voted for the Obama stimulus package. They call themselves “progressives” and “liberals.” That seems odd to me – they call themselves “progressives,” but they oppose real progress. They call themselves “liberals,” but they have no understanding of individual liberty.

In a recent interview that is circulating on the internet, McDermott said this about individual liberty: “You can’t talk on the individual level…. No, you’ve got to talk on a societal level…. What I mean is that makes no sense - to talk of individuals….”

Congressman McDermott, read the constitution – you might learn something!

If ever there was an “individual” who should be kicked out of congress, it’s Jim McDermott!

I have progressive and liberal friends, but they don’t understand the economy. They don’t know what a recession is, they don’t know what a depression is, they don’t know what a recovery is. I’ll tell you the difference.

A recession is when your neighbor is out of work.

A depression is when you are out of a work.

And a recovery? That is when Jim McDermott, Patty Murray and Barack Obama are out of work!


National Tea Party website CLICK HERE 

Steve Beren speech to Seattle Tea Party protest February 27 CLICK HERE

Keli Carender (aka Liberty Belle) is a leading Seattle Tea Party activist and is the Washington State Tea Party coordinator – check out her blog CLICK HERE or email her at  

The Seattle Sons & Daughters of Liberty is a Seattle Action Network of people working in opposition to the Obama economic agenda.  To get involved, CLICK HERE

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